Care Coordination Teams

Our teams consist of Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Therapists and Health Care Coordinators. Be Well employees are flexible, experienced in working with individuals with serious mental illness and are motivated to make a change in their client’s lives.

Key Components of Care Coordination:

  • Improved patient adherence to treatment regimens
  • Increased use of evidence-based guidelines for medications and other treatments
  • Improved communication between clients and providers and across providers
  • Better management of transitions between care settings
  • Careful monitoring of symptoms and wellbeing to identify and address health problems and exacerbations earlier than might otherwise occur
  • Improved access to health-related services

Our care-coordination team consists of:

Registered Psychiatric Nurses

The primary functions of the registered nurses are to complete comprehensive assessments, develop treatment plans, provide education regarding management of all acute and chronic illnesses and communicate with all providers involved in the client’s care. Nurses provide care coordination services in the community, in hospitals and in residential treatment facilities.


Our therapists are licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) and licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC). They complete psycho-social aspects of our comprehensive assessment and work with clients individually and within groups to provide counseling services to promote skill-development and foster wellness. The therapists meet with clients at Be Well offices as well as on-site at residential facilities.

Health Care Coordinators

The Health Care Coordinator’s primary responsibility on the care coordination team is to assist clients with finding healthcare providers, scheduling appointments and facilitating transportation. Health Care Coordinators also work to connect clients to community resources. Health Care Coordinators work primarily in client’s homes, within the community and at co-location sites.

Many of our clients speak Spanish, either primarily or exclusively so we encourage bilingual professionals to apply. All employees must have access to reliable transportation, current auto insurance and a valid Illinois driver’s license. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

For more information about our care coordination teams and a list of open positions, please contact Judy at 312.940.4123.